Friday, April 22, 2016

Democrats vs Democrats

In Thomas Frank’s excellent latest book, Listen Liberal, on the conservative drift of the Democratic Party he highlights the fact that the party has largely devoted itself toward mobilizing and serving the interests of the professional-managerial class rather than the working class. More specifically, he notes the party’s fascination with highly educated professionals, the “creative class”, and the associated concept of innovation (technological and financial, the latter responsible for blowing up the economy). 

The growing rift between average workers and privileged professionals, and the Democratic Party preference for the latter (formerly known as "Atari Democrats"), emerged in full view in Silicon Valley as the Democratic Party was pandering to the venture capitalists, who happen to have the campaign contribution largess the party has come to crave. ​

After working in Silicon Valley for years, Morgan Quirk felt good protesting outside the home of a venture capitalist who funded tech startups and fundraisers for Hillary Clinton. He was part of a new splinter group of the liberal party, Democrats marching against Democrats in San Francisco, commuting tech workers against their bosses.

“They sell you a dream at startups – the pingpong, the perks – so they can pull 80 hours out of you,” said Quirk, a 26-year-old software engineer. “But in reality the venture capitalists control all the capital, all the labor, and all the decisions, so yeah, it feels great protesting one.

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