Friday, September 12, 2014

Iraq As Dumb War

Great piece in Foreign Policy by Rosa Brooks on the utter stupidity of engaging ISIS militarily. The main points are as follows:

How is it dumb? Let me count the ways. First: the Islamic State (IS) is an undeniably nasty group, but even the president admits that IS poses no immediate threat to the United States. Second, other actors may be better suited than the United States to combatting the regional threat IS poses. Third, U.S. military strikes against IS in Syria risk inspiring more new violent extremists than they kill, undermining long-term U.S. security interests. Fourth, our current fixation on IS also carries opportunity costs. Fifth, Obama's willingness to embrace and expand George W. Bush's doctrine of unilateral preventive self-defense is one more nail in the coffin of the fragile post-World War II collective security system.

Will we now, this time, be able to oppose this Iraqi adventure and will there be widespread skepticism and opposition by the US population? 


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