Thursday, January 9, 2014

Movement Against the Two-Party Duopoly

The latest Gallup poll on party identification in the U.S. reports an all-time record high percent of respondents identifying as Independents. In 2013, an average of 42% of Americans identified as political independents versus 31% Democrat and 25% Republican. The latter figure is the lowest in the 25 years of Gallup polling on party identification.

One can only hope that this will start a larger movement in opposition to the two-party duopoly that offers no meaningful option to the corporate dominated status quo. Unfortunately, once the national Presidential election kicks in, we are likely to see the predictable media spectacle that draws people into the two-horse race for the White House. Maybe this time the electorate will know better and either work for electoral reform that allows third and fourth parties the ability to compete, or perhaps large numbers will simply boycott the two-party charade and contribute further to its growing and well-deserved illegitimacy.

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  1. We were a lot closer to seeing something like this when Ross Perot ran, were we not? It certainly helped that he had millions of his own dollars behind him, but it makes it seem as though the right person with the status and money, and hopefully the quality of character, would actually have a real shot at winning.

    But, why hasn't anyone tried?