Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rick Scott is a Military Keynesian

It is an economic fact that government spending stimulates the economy and creates jobs. Conversely, austerity policies generate economic contraction and job loss.

Governor Scott has taken a position in favor of austerity – he has consistently supported cutting government spending and public sector jobs, and also refused $2 billion in Federal funds to develop high speed rail in the state.

But now Scott has made an exception to his ideological opposition to public sector growth – defense spending.

He is suddenly concerned about the impact that cuts in government spending will have on jobs in the state.  He claims the planned defense cuts will cost Florida 39,000 state jobs.

He wrote that: "While I agree with many Americans that the federal government must reduce spending, reduce taxes and create an environment conducive to private sector job growth, I urge you to prioritize the safety and security of our nation and the strength of our economy." 

Scott wants to replace the cuts in defense programs with cuts in other areas such as health care even though these programs can also create jobs and contribute to the welfare of the Florida population.

So it seems that Scott is not just a fiscal conservative but also a military Keynesian.

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